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Idean: Moving the whales, the first glimpse

Enterprise-level design systems are hard, complicated, and will probably give you a grey hair or two. They usually involve multiple companies, brands, products, platforms, and every user group you can imagine.

You will have to align and facilitate change among leadership, business, marketing, brand, product teams for digital and analog, and more. Things look big, real big, so we need to break them down into manageable bites.

Robin will share his philosophy and a method called ThreeTimes, from his playbook to help you get started. He worked on projects with Schibsted / Aftenposten Norway's first algorithm that designs, and with Laerdal on Life a multi-level design system and many more.

About the speaker

Robin Klein Schiphorst

Image of Robin Klein Schiphorst

Design Thinking and Figma Design Systems Expert. Helping companies or individuals unleash their full potential through design thinking. I specialize in helping leaders/founders with their teams to innovate insanely fast (40%+) and get the most out of their time and resources. Get ahead of the competition, with a lean scalable process, design thinking & empowering team culture.

About Idean

The Oslo studio has an international design team with experts in areas covering service design, user experience, interaction design, visual design, illustration, front-end development, video and content production. The studio works with large organizations within banking, insurance, retail and the public sector in the Nordics. The studio is also working with smaller startup companies in the Oslo region in between the larger projects.